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Who needs a coach?!

When we look at our lives and our stations it is important to consider everything that is required for us to get to where we are. Yes, we stand upon our own two feet and walk ourselves into our current position. This however does not assume we got here without help nor that we are alone in our journey. Most of us have had coaches at various time in our lives; I would dare to say the nearly 100% of ALL people have have had some kind of coach. Parents, can even be considered coaches. Understanding that some coaches are better than others it can also be assumed that even bad coaches have have a positive impact. The impact a person has on our lives is subjective and therefore no two people will have the same experience. You could have a thousand people coached by the same individual and you would have a thousand different experiences and outcomes.

How outcomes are measured

The best metric for outcomes is based on the individual achieving their goals and passionately executing their purpose. Each person is on a journey, a path they must walk alone; but not in isolation. This is the paradox of life. We all experience the world differently even though we all participate in the world together. A collective consciousness playing a game with rules we agreed to at the foundation of the universal clock. Meaning, the way we experience life can be altered as we go forward in time, as our perspective and understanding of reality changes!

How a coach helps

Think of a coach as a guide, confidant, muse, sounding board and unbiased partner to help with acceleration in the manifestation of your greatest potential. As a coach my success is based on the value provided to my clients and their personal success story. Personally, I am not in this for fame. I could care less about your name or social status. What I care about is helping you find the solution to this question; "what is it going to take for you to perform at your absolute optimal level and by extension start living your

best life?"

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