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Gas prices. How would you feel about getting a break at the pump? Govvi is one way to save money!

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

This century's best tool for the average person to improve their gas mileage and save money

If you are like me you are looking for anyway possible to save money especially now with inflation that is primarily being driven by fuel prices. Now, I am NOT here to talk about the politics of why. I will leave that for other blogs and websites. I AM here to provide you with one of the most viable solutions I have found to improve your fuel economy by on average 20%!

Ready to order now or learn more about the business? Click on the image to go directly to their site to get started!

This company is the introduction of this technology for public consumption for the first time. Govvi fuel tablet technology has been used in larger industrial sectors for over 25 years but today it is now YOUR TIME to get in on the action. How amazing is it that now at this time a product such as this comes to the market! This is a game changer for households and business; as a 20% savings for commuters or trucking companies is a HUGE deal!

There is nothing on the market currently that is cost effective and provides this kind of savings.

First Impressions

I have been involved with several direct sales companies and they all have great products with a main problem of saturation.

With Govvi you are literally on the ground floor of what is going to be an explosive business since there is, at this moment NO competition and we are on the brink of a recession or what could become a depression. People are looking for any way possible to save money and this provides at least one opportunity for them to do just that.

The entry level is cost effective and the return on investment comes with each tablet you add to your tank.

The website has a great breakdown of how use the product for the greatest results

Is there any other company that can boast an average of $20 in savings for every $3 invested?!!!

Already Placed My Order and Decided to Go ALL IN

This product is going to change the lives of millions if not billions of people around the world, I want to be a part of that kind of change!

The Final Score


Organometallic technology is based on six Nobel Prizes in chemistry. In July of 2015, GOVVI technology was approved in Mexico by the IMP (Mexican Petroleum Institute).

The Department of Defense and the Aerospace Industry in the USA have used organometallics technology for more than 30 years. The technology provided to these federal organizations in the United States comes from the same laboratory that manufactures the tablet for GOVVI. Tests totaling 400 million miles have been conducted in the United States.

The GOVVI tablet technology has been in operation since the summer of 2010, in the United States. As of now, there is no record of product returns, and the GOVVI tablet has not caused damage to engines and/or the environment. Therefore, it does not have any lawsuits on record in the United States.

The laboratory that manufactures GOVVI products is regulated by the EPA (Federal Agency for Environmental Protection in the USA). Therefore, it represents a symbol of guarantee that reduces pollution up to 85%.

Liquid additives many times contain: Sulfates Manganese Lead Tetraethyl Artificial Colors Detergents

Many other liquid companies will contain detergents, lubricants, stabilizers, polymerization retardants, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers, and other additives that can leave behind residues and gum up expensive electronic sensors and other delicate parts of your engine.

Also they are NOT organometallic - which organometallic is what has won the multiple Nobel Peace Prizes for.

Liquids are also not easily carried by the average consumer in glove boxes, purses, or other handy storage options - they are bulky, and easy to spill while attempting to get it into the gas tank.

Many other companies will claim that fuel tablets contain only ONE ingredient, which is not true. They are a multi-faceted complex formula that approaches the problem of fuel ignitability from multiple angles.

GOVVI's fuel tablets dissolve at any temperature, so there is no worry that at cold temperatures that the tablets won't dissolve (or "damage the engine" as some companies like to claim).

GOVVI offers returns for unopened tablets as well should you decide that it is not something you're interested in.

For over 15 years previous generations of the technology have been used extensively - with tests totally in 400 million miles in the United States alone.

GOVVI's tablets can be exceedingly affordable when purchased in the larger packs that are available sometime next month.

Dosing of fuel tanks is exceedingly easy with the pre-scored break away lines so you may use only a partial tablet if you so desire, making it extremely easy to do 5, 10, 15, and 20 gallon tanks. It's also very difficult to use "too much" of them in your gas, so if you go a little over it's not a big deal.

It's MUCH easier for commercial companies to keep tablets on hand and get to their drivers and fleets - as if you're trying to haul around liquids or pump them into gas tanks for fleet vehicles, there is not simple little package you open like we have at GOVVI - they have to put the liquids in pop bottles, large drums, or other random containers to tote them around with the drivers for use at fill ups.

GOVVI with it's unique packaging and tablets, makes it exceptionally easy to dose and measure the amount you need, while having the exceptional portability component that gives us the edge over liquids, as it's much easier to transport and use on the go - whereas liquids require a lot more space, or even pumping stations to fill the appropriate equipment and vehicles in order to supply them with what they need.

GOVVI is also greener that there isn't even 5% of the waste from the packaging that liquid companies use - because now you've got all these extra empty bottles laying around that need to be disposed of once you're done with them - and for commercial fleets this is a lot of waste that can add up greatly over time.

You are welcome to use any product you so choose - but GOVVI makes it simple, affordable, easy, environmentally friendly, and portable so you can use the products easily without waste, messy liquids that can spill and are a pain in cold weather to deal with, and possible residues left in the engine.

We're not here to bash any other companies - but we do want to lay out all the advantages we have over the competition.

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