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Energy Healing, Air Purification and Other healing options for the whole family/ furry companions!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Click on any of the images to be taken directly to their site:

The pictures on this page and information below is from Oxford Medical Instruments Website I take no credit for the contents of what is written. The people working for this AMAZING company have done years of research to perfect their products. Providing the best products and INTERNATIONAL customer service getting you their products ANYWHERE in the world in under a week!

Quoting from their website:

"PEMF Machines From Oxford Medical Instruments

  • Designed To Be Highly Effective

  • Premium Quality And Durability

  • Easy To Use And Operate

  • Beautiful And Convenient Design

  • Affordable For Everybody

  • Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

PEMF Therapy Benefits PEMF Machine

  • Enhanced Circulation

  • Accelerated Healing

  • Pain Reduction

  • Improved Energy

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Stronger Bones

  • Anti-Aging

  • Active EMF Protection

  • Relaxation

  • Better Sleep

PEMF Therapy Products: We Not Only Promise, We Guarantee Oxford Medical Instruments (OMI) has been manufacturing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy machines (PEMF devices) for more than 10 years and sold over 100,000 PEMF full body mats over the years. OMI continuously refreshes the design and technology of its PEMF devices based on actual customer feedback, suggestions and newest clinical publications on PEMF therapy. We offer a 30 Days Full Satisfaction Full Money Back Guaranty on all our pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machines. OMI PEMF Devices: Manufacturer's Warranty Oxford Medical Instruments offers 3 years of full manufacturer's warranty for all Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy machines purchased from this website. OMI guarantees that your PEMF device will be always fully functional. Buy A PEMF Device Or PEMF Package And We Give You A Free PEMF Medallion! We give a PEMF Medallion gift after every purchased Full Body PEMF Mat or PEMF Package! Why Choose An OMI PEMF Machine? If you search for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field machines to buy on the internet you will find quite a lot of PEMF devices, but most of them are way too expensive. Oxford Medical Instruments' Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy products are comparable to Orin, Biomag, Renaissance and BEMER PEMF devices but are available at an affordable price! You can trust us, for over 10 years our company has been helping people regain balance with the natural world. OMI designs manufacture and distribute PEMF devices across the globe. Oxford Medical Instruments offers a 30 Days Full Satisfaction Full Money Back Guaranty for all PEMF machines. We offer a complete range of PEMF therapy products, all of them are developed and manufactured in Europe. OMI Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy products are not just excellently designed but easy to use, easy to clean and help you to regain your vitality and balance. Check out our PEMF therapy machine product range and click on the product names for further details! If you are having difficulties switching on the Medallion, please cleanse the metallic inserts of the Medallion with a wet cloth and/or wash your hand and try again touching the metallic sensors. The Medallion will switch on smoothly.

How Can PEMF Therapy Help You? A Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) machine creates a special electrical current helping to restore ion flow and stimulates the body’s own regeneration processes. A PEMF device creates bursts of low-level electromagnetic waves to heal damaged tissue and bone and to relieve injury-related pain. The science behind the PEMF therapy is that pulses at low frequencies will penetrate deep into a living body. The effect stimulates muscle, bones, tendons and even organs, activating the cells and encourage their natural repair mechanisms. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is used widely as a non-invasive way to heal injuries, chronic pain and even chronic conditions like depression and diabetes.

Healing Frequencies - PEMF Frequency Chart PEMF devices can help with a huge range of health conditions. This therapy uses low-level electromagnetic radiation to non-invasively improve and boost healing, immune function, bone density, circulation, and physical energy. However, it isn’t as simple as plugging in the device and laying down on it. There is a range of healing frequencies you can use and different ways to use your device. It’s only when you understand how to best use your device that you can achieve the results you’re looking for.

  • Fractures

  • Headaches

  • Dislocations, Strains And Sprains

  • Hypertension

  • Musculoskeletal Pain

  • Circulatory Dysfunction And Any Associated Consequences

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Stress

  • Nerve Pain

  • Stomach Aches

  • Asthma

  • Wound Healing

  • Allergies

  • Chronic Pain

These conditions are wildly different and involve very different parts of the body. That’s why your healing program needs to be individual, tailored to your biggest problems and concerns. Certain PEMF healing frequencies work best with specific health conditions and complaints. When you better understand how to produce the desired effects, you can use your device and its healing frequencies in different and more effective ways depending. So, if you’re ready to enjoy the best health possible, make sure you consult this PEMF frequency chart before you choose your device and start using it."

They have different sized mats for multi purpose use and ease of portability:

Other products they have that are meaningful to you living your best life:

"Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones! Boost The Immunity Of Your Lungs And Respiratory Tracts With Breathing Salt Therapy!

All Natural Breathing Salt Therapy For Asthma, COPD And All Respiratory Disorders And Infections We offer the original high quality porcelain salt pipes - natural respiratory aid for people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders.

The Saltpipe Refillable Comes Pre-Filled With A Salt Bag! Salt Therapy To Cleanse, Calm And Disinfect The Respiratory System. Breathe Easier Naturally With The Salt Pipe! The active ingredients are salt crystals from the Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine.Curative properties of the Praid salt are well known and appreciated thanks to the existing therapeutic treatment facilities in the abandoned parts of the mine. Briefly describing the physiological significance of the salt is that the salty air we breathe in through the Saltpipe induces natural self cleansing mechanism of the respiratory tracts. It cleans the superficial cells of the respiratory system, making them sweating and physically washes out all impurities to enhance breathing. Salty air kills bacteria inside the respiratory tracts. The saltpipes big advantage is that we can use one anywhere, anytime,we can take it with us everywhere and they practically have similar psychological effect as the salt-therapy periods spent in a salt cave.

Ease The Symptoms Of Any Respiratory Conditions And Avoid Serious Infections With The Power Of Breathing Salt Therapy!

Now We Give Two Salt Pipes For The Price Of One High Quality Original Salt Pipes Directly From The Manufacturer!"

PEMF Therapy For Horses

  • Induces Micro-Circulation

  • Promotes Natural Self-Healing Processes

  • Ease Inflammations

  • Promotes Bone Regeneration Processes

PEMF therapy for the most common equine diseases

  • Degenerative Joint Disease

  • Equine Arthritis

  • Azoturia

  • Botulism

  • Laminitis

  • Lameness

  • Spavins

  • Stringhalt

  • Wobblers Syndrome

  • Locked Stifle Joints

  • Thoroughpins

  • Capped Hocks

PEMF Treatment for the most common horse injuries

  • Joint Inflammation

  • Suspensory Ligament Injuries

  • DDFT Damage

  • Sore Muscles

  • Fractures Bone Regeneration

  • Wounds From Surgery Or Injury

PEMF Therapy The gentle magnetic fields produced by our device induce electrical current inside your horse's body that helps to regulate blood flow, promotes healthy cell function, improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, promotes the removal of waste products produced by damage and inflammation and stimulates regeneration process. PEMF Therapy enhances the body's ability to heal itself, it is completely safe, not painful to use, and there are no known side-effects.

OMI PEMF EQUINE PRODUCT RANGE We offer a full range of Equine PEMF Therapy systems, including large- and small-area applicators. All products are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably and come with adjustable straps to fit all horses of all sizes and shapes. Horses, dogs, cats, and pets have been successfully treated with pulsed magnetic therapy. It is especially recommended for improving the performance of racehorses. All PEMF systems are simple to use, no training required.

"Our World Is An Incredibly Beautiful Place But Dangerous At The Same Time, Because We Made It Like That. In The Past Few Decades Everything Changed Around Us At Such A Pace That It’s Hard For The Human Race To Keep Adapting To It. Nowadays, Air Pollution Is One Of The Main Problems In Our Lives.

Many might think that this problem only concerns big cities and that their immediate surroundings provide protection from it. They think that within their walls begins a whole other world. Without proper ventilation our homes are actually dust collectors that trap contaminants. Our modern and tightly shutting windows only enhance this effect. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, on the average

The Air In Our Home Is Five Times More Polluted Than A Main Street Of Any Big City.

Air also contains harmful and unhealthy components, but during vacuuming only a small part of them get actually into the dust bag. Dust, is actually a mixture of several things, like dead skin cells, soot, pollen, animal and floral particles from bedclothes, organic and inorganic material and this mixture gets into the house and eventually into the body.

Highly Recommended For People With Weakened Immune Systems, For People Suffering From Chronic Diseases And Also For Seniors.

EssencAir is a multifunctional device and its main feature is to clean the air of pollution and it also destroys bacteria when in disinfectant mode. During air purification the device sucks in and subsequently cleans the air in its environment. After that, it destroys bacteria that maybe found in the air by ozonic disinfection. The devices salt-filter makes the air a bit salty similar to that of salt mines and caves used for curative purposes."

"Do you have eye strain? Do your eyes get tired easily? The letters are blurry possibly due to a condition called aging eye? Aging eye is a natural age-related condition, in medical terms it is called presbyopia. Beginning in the early to mid-forties, most adults may start to experience problems with near focusing and cannot see clearly at close distances. This change in the eye's focusing ability will continue to progress over time. This problem remains unnoticeable for years because it develops slowly. At first it affects one of the eyes only. The brain automatically compensates the deteoration of the affected eye, but only for a while. Later on the brain gives it up and one of the eyes remains weaker.

Who is at risk for aging eye? Anyone over the age of 40 is at risk for developing presbyopia. Everyone experiences some loss of focusing power for near objects as they age, but some will notice this more than others. Presbyopia affects quality of life. People who become presbyopic may complain of headaches and eye strain, experience blurred near vision when reading and hold objects progressively further away from their eyes in order to be able to focus on them.

Statistics Presbyopia is widespread in the United States. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, over 140 million Americans were age 40 and older in 2010, and the country is growing older: the median age reached 37.2 in 2010, up 1.9 years since 2000. More than a billion people in the world are suffering from presbyopic symptons which makes it a pressing health problem world-wide.

ActiveShade Glasses: a useful tool to train your eyes When you switch the glasses on the test program is launched first, which tells the weaker eye. The training program is to improve your vision.

How does it work? The glasses leave the field of vision for the weaker eye free while closing the field of vision for the stronger eye every two seconds. This induces the weaker eye to focus again and again, which under normal circumstances you'd not even try. By intermittently suppressing the dominant eye, the device forces the weaker eye to try again and again to form a sharp focused image of the objects in the visual field. This eye exercise helps to restore the balance between the eyes and reduces blurred vision at a normal reading distance."

"The light is an essential source of life. There is no life on Earth without light. Several tests were carried out to find those vital components of light that carry biostimulation opportunities. These tests included different types of lights, such as visible, non-visible and laser.

Several peer-reviewed clinical studies have been published stating and explaining the benefits of using polarized light in medical treatments. The main effect of polarized light is the biostimulation effect that enhances cell activities, accelerates the regeneration process and the formation of new cells and tissues. The lamp emits special polarized light in the visible range that leads to photobiostimulation in the skin, and increases microcirculation.

What does polarized light mean? Natural light vibrates in all directions. In polarized light the light waves move in parallel plains. A polarizer transforms unpolarized light into polarized light by absorbing some of the light and selectively allowing the rest to pass through. Using the lamp on a regular basis promotes wound healing and leads to better cosmetic results, less visible scars, faster healing skin. In connection with wound healing scientists have proven that polarized light therapy improves microcirculation, stimulates the deposition of collagen fibers, promotes the body’s regeneration processes and reduces inflammation.

Why choose OMI Polarized Light Therapy Lamps?

If you search for polarized light therapy devices, you'll find quite a few types of lamps, but most of them share one thing in common: they are way too expensive. Our polarized light therapy lamps are similar to the well-known Bioptron and Bioptron Compact lamps but available at an affordable price!

We use the most advanced optical filters. The polarization rate of our lamps exceeds 99% while the Bioptron light therapy lamps’ polarization rate is around 95%.

You can trust us. We have experience! For over 15 years, our company has been helping people regain balance with the natural world. We design, manufacture, and distribute each of our products; and not to mention, we offer a 30 Days Full Satisfaction Full Money Back Guaranty for our polarized light therapy lamps.

We offer a full range of polarized light lamps, all of them are developed and manufactured in Europe. "

"Pain Ease Wraps products can be applied in almost every situation. Wearing them means no discomfort. They are easy to place and to conceal under the clothes.

Always, any place, any time you want it.

And it really works!

Pain Ease Wraps Are Recommended For

  • Relief Of Continuous And Occasional Musculoskeletal Pain

  • Stiff Knees And Joints

  • Pain In Joints

  • Stressed, Tense Neck And Shoulders

  • Muscle Injuries And Pain

  • Accelerating The Healing Process

  • Sport Injuries"

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